Life Lessons.

Big Ideas for Living Better

Every day, we are bombarded with new ways to improve ourselves, to be happy, to live well. It’s impossible to work out which ones are the real deal and which are just snake oil. Until now.

At the inaugural Life Lessons weekend, our mission is simple. We’re going to find the answers to life, the universe and everything. With the help of a carefully curated line-up of smart thinkers, we’ll apply a healthy dose of scepticism and a large chunk of science to an industry and world built on promises. Is clean eating really good for you? What does a healthy society look like? Is it possible to parent mindfully? And where are we on butter?

Join Bill Bryson, Ruby Wax, Derren Brown, Adam Kay, Mishal Hussain and many more as they interrogate and investigate their way through the wellbeing maze.

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