Careers with Brand Events

We are always looking for enthusiastic, hard working individuals who like what they see here and would like to come and work with us.

If we have specific vacancies we will advertise them here, but don’t be limited to this. If you are ambitious, funny, clever, self motivated, hard working, impulsive and a touch envious of those working on the events you see here, get in touch now!

What might a career at Brand Events mean?

Quite simply the opportunity to work on some of the best events in the world! You will be pushed hard and expected to grasp responsibility as soon as it comes your way and you will learn faster than you ever thought possible. You will work with some fabulous people, including your colleagues and a good smattering of celebrities. And if you are up for it there is a good chance that you will have the chance to work overseas either for brief or extended periods. And if you have a great event idea you might have the opportunity to develop and launch it with us. Essentially there are no barriers. If you’re good and you want it you can have it; sales executive to event director in 3 to 4 years isn’t unheard of.

So who do we want?

We value sales people who are motivated by money and targets and simply love the rush of good selling. Marketeers are critical to our business; people who really understand their visitor, won’t leave any avenue unexplored and won’t stop selling tickets until the doors close. And we need Operations people who thrive in the creative process of turning a floor plan into reality and can drive a hard bargain when it comes to buying everything we need for an event.


Sometimes dysfunctional, sometimes a bit rowdy, always in it together. We win as a team, we look after each other, if we fail; we do as a team too. We want you to be you – hopes and ambitions, flaws and imperfections, ideas and challenges. We’d like to be part of your story not your CV.

Getting better
What we do is difficult and involves making mistakes. We want to learn how to run better shows, and have happier customers. We want you to learn how to be better at what you do. We want you to be the best. Love mistakes but don’t repeat them.

To infinity and beyond- we have a great tradition of creating new events. We like doing things for the first time. We like it when we are copied or when people wish they’d thought of something first. Trying new things is risky- we like taking risks. Ask ballsy questions and try something new every day.

Plain speaking
We dislike business speak. Tell it like you’d tell your mum or your mates in the pub. Plain speaking increases understanding and honesty. Good questions make us better. Kind but direct isn’t rude it’s helpful. Never speak like you are on the apprentice or trying to sound important.