Pioneers of global event experiences we have an impressive heritage of transforming consumer passions into best selling live events across the globe.

Renowned for launching new event formats and groundbreaking shows, Brand Events are one of the world’s most innovative consumer events companies. We create events we’d like to go to and have a great time doing it. We pride ourselves on being up for each other, honest and are really quite funny. Our team’s energy and ideas know no bounds which has lead us to winning multiple industry awards.

As a company, we put our heads together and came up with four values for what we think we stand for:

Sometimes dysfunctional, sometimes a bit rowdy, always in it together. We win as a team, we look after each other, if we fail; we do as a team too. We want you to be you – hopes and ambitions, flaws and imperfections, ideas and challenges. We’d like to be part of your story not your CV.

Getting better
What we do is difficult and involves making mistakes. We want to learn how to run better shows, and have happier customers. We want you to learn how to be better at what you do. We want you to be the best. Love mistakes but don’t repeat them.

To infinity and beyond- we have a great tradition of creating new events. We like doing things for the first time. We like it when we are copied or when people wish they’d thought of something first. Trying new things is risky- we like taking risks. Ask ballsy questions and try something new every day.

Plain speaking
We dislike business speak. Tell it like you’d tell your mum or your mates in the pub. Plain speaking increases understanding and honesty. Good questions make us better. Kind but direct isn’t rude it’s helpful. Never speak like you are on the apprentice or trying to sound important.

some awards
Interested in working with us?

We pride ourselves on our creative thinking, innovative ideas and team spirit. If you believe you have what it takes to be part of our award winning team then check out our current job vacancies or send us your cv today!